Prodigal Son Analysis

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The prodigal son is a well-known fable that compares to what is going on in today’s world. Have you ever heard the saying about how history repeats itself? Well so does this short story. I believe that the majority of us always wanted to leave and become an adult as soon as possible, little did we know what was waiting for us. The prodigal son main characters, the father and the son has many differences, however they do favor each other. Now as I analyze this story, it does resemble God and his children and how his children can tend to be disobedient yet God forgives when asked. The youngest son decides that he wanted to leave home and try to (you can say in modern terms) “find himself”. Enjoying his new-found freedom. Like today the new generation does not know to manage their money. What happens when you know how to save, invest etc.? But money does tend to run out if not being preserved correctly. The parable of the prodigal son is just showing the old generation is no different than the new.…show more content…
Not having to work in the field and having everyone tender to him.” The prodigal son is believed to be, by many, a Christian who falls away from the truth and then later returns after repentance… “ (Jack Wellman). This story is an allegory of modern day Christianity. At this point you can say the son is enjoying his live “living his best life”. He starts to commit sins that he wouldn’t commit at his father’s house. He is very irresponsible during this part of the story. He starts to spend his money on unnecessary stuff. You can also relate this to the youth of today. I mean of course we are a little advanced now than the youth of yesterday but we do still have some of the same characteristics. the son was very irresponsible with his money as today’s youth tend to do we may not spend it on the certain things the son spent his money on but they do spend their money on things they don’t really
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