The Plough In The Stars Character Analysis

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Cultural context The characters in the three texts I have studied have deep seated views that may affect the outcome of change .The core text I have is the plough in the stars by Sean O Casey which deals with several Dubliners attempting to live in Dublin during the 1916 rising which was time of great un rest. The king speech dealt with the king George the sixth accentuation to the throne during war time with him first having to learn to live with his speech impediment. The third and final book is foster a book about a young unnamed girl who moves to the country to live with her aunt and uncle and slowly learning to accept them as her real family . The role of politics in the plough in the stars deals with characters with intense political views on several political subjects .The first of which is Bessie Burgess a protestant tenant dweller who believes that the rising will be the down fall of Ireland her view of this is cemented because her son is off fighting for Britain on the frontlines during the first world war this along with her religious background makes her loyal to crown, because of this she very close mind to the idea of change and despites the ica. The character of fleuther is a moderate socialist who apt to change but is not to devote he believe in social reform but it is not his dogma to live by because of this he is also
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