European Colonialism: The Effects Of European Imperialism On Africa

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Africa was imperialized by Europeans in 1880s-1940s. Before Africa imperialism they had thousands of different tribes, nations, culture, and languages. Africa had complex trade and different ethnic groups. Europeans took over Africa because abolition slavery, wanted to spread christianity and had new resources. This happened by having more advanced weapons, cooperate with local leader, and took advantage of Africa conflict. The effects of European imperialism on Africa was economic negative because European took away their properties them using Africans and Indians for labor which caused the loss of food. It was social positive because they got rid of slavery which the Africans had more opportunities.

The effects of European imperialism
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On document 3 Lord Frederick Lugard who is a British officer from Africa in 1922 to the Colony of Nigeria states that they got rid of slavery. This is positive to the European imperialism in Africa because without slavery Africans had more opportunities is having a job where they get paid and an education. Document 5 by unknown who is a photographer from Madagascar in 1930 to historians. It states that there are French and African working together in a laboratory for a cure. The effect of imperialism on Africa is positive because they are helping people in Africa by finding a cure to the disease that was going on. Another example , that was positive is that after the Berlin Conference Britain claimed Kenya they expanded the education. This was something positive for the imperialism because either way the education was limited they didn’t use to have education and with educations it could help them a lot for better opportunities. Other people argue that social is a negative effect because on document 1 by Ndansi Kumalo who is a chief from Rhodesia(Zimbabwe) in 1890s states that people were mistreated by women being raped , treated like slaves, and British stole their animals and food. Either way social is positive because got rid of slavery, worked with French to find a cure and they…show more content…
It was mostly negative because the workers had bad conditions and low pay.With low pay they wouldn’t have enough money to maintain them or their families. The effect of the imperialism in Africa for social is positive because the British helped on getting rid of slavery which help Africans have better opportunities such as helping finding a cure and expanding their education. The most important thing about social is that they got rid of slavery because it wasn’t fair for Africans to work with low pay for the hard work they did, when without slavery they are able to do better
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