The Pros And Cons Of A Hydrogen Bomb

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The first test of a Hydrogen bomb also known as a fusion bomb immediately vaporized the island, it was tested on and left a mile wide crater. A Hydrogen fusion bomb is an atomic bomb made from nuclear isotopes of trinitan and deuterium. A neutron is fired at a nuclei and adds to the weight of the bomb, causing a chain reaction of exploding. The effects of a Hydrogen bomb are extensive. History shows this because when the first hydrogen bomb was tested it vaporized the island immediately and left nothing but a crater. Like all nuclear bombs the hydrogen bomb leads to nuclear fallout. The H bomb has never been used in warfare, but has been used for many tests. Hydrogen bombs or any fusion bomb should be banned in warfare because the nuclear fallout is damaging to human organs and we are exposed to fallout all the time, in addition the power and force of this bomb…show more content…
Hogan 's notes it is stated clearly that we can control fission bombs which is where you have an element and brealit apart, but fusion bombs where we have a small element and we make it bigger we cannot control. This shows that scientists are messing with things that are uncontrollable which can lead to dangerous outcomes and mankind is unaware of the drastic damages we can do to our world. According to the website “How Stuff Works” it states that “Fusion bombs are also dangerous because they are 700 times more powerful than the little boy bomb which is a fission bomb.” This is another reason the H bomb should be banned since government officials have these weapons and the use of them it is highly dangerous. This amount of power should not be able to be used by anyone since its ending outcome, but not intended outcome is the slow extinction of mankind. Because the Hydrogen bomb is so deadly it should be banned. If we continue to use the Hydrogen bomb we will continue to be at risk of nuclear fallout and human extinction as well as nuclear
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