The Pros And Cons Of Aging Prisoners

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The growing dilemma of aging prisoners is a very important thing that needs to be fixed. Those prisoners have been in jail for a really long time for crimes that they committed a long time ago. They are old now and they already passed the age of offending and now they would not do anything bad. Not only is it sad and inhumane to keep them there for that long but it also cost a lot of money keeping them there. Why does it cost so much? Well, it cost so much because as they grow older they also get weaker and sick. When they grow old they need much more care than before and they also need a lot of medicine. They also have a lot of health and mental problems. Some prisoners even have dementia and they do not even remember the crimes that they committed a long time ago. Some prisons …show more content…

That way the prison could save money and the prisoners could enjoy the little time they have left.
What is my solution to this problem? Well, by releasing all the prisoners who are very sick and very old. At that point in life statistically the chances of prisoners reoffending are close to none. By releasing them it would take out a lot of weight and work that the prison has to do. It would also give the prisoners a chance to enjoy life after a long time in prison. It is very sad that they were in prison for a long time and they just sat there and saw their life wasting away slowly and slowly. Also, with all that weight and work out they could focus on rehabilitating and helping other prisoners. That could greatly impact the prison and it could change a lot of life’s for the better. What are the steps to doing this? Well, seeing all the files of the prisoner and seeing who is very sick and very old. When they find out who is sick and old they contact whatever family they have left and give the prisoner to them. Those sick prisoners who do not have family or anywhere else to go will not leave

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