The Pros And Cons Of Concentration Camps

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During the Holocaust, there were many different types of cruel Concentration Camps where various activities took place and killed many innocent people. Some people say that the Concentration Camps were good, some say it was the cruelest most horrifying thing that has happened in all of human history. So were the Concentration Camps good or bad? What could be good about locking up inocent people and killing them? Concentration Camps are places were Nazi’s held the unwanted in their “perfect” world. There are over 7 different types of Nazi Camps. There are over 22 mayor Concentration Camps and thousands of smaller ones, where all they did was torture and kill people because of their religion, looks, or way of being. Even though they harmed so many people, some still think it did some good. In fact, some people did not care much about the consequences of Concentration Camps and the Holocaust, since things similar to the Holocaust and Concentration Camps happened later in history. Davila 2
Concentration Camps were built just around 2 weeks after Hitler took over, so around March, 1933 (when Nazis came into power). They were first built to place undesirable political opponents (those who opposed to …show more content…

These punishments did no good. Locking people up in gas chambers did no good. Nazis would lock up innocent people in gas chambers (they were told that they would be taking a shower) and kill them with a chemical, which was originally meant for pesticide control called Zyklon B… Also mass shooting were a horrible punishment for just being yourself. They would just shoot large amount of people. Around 17000 were killed in one day because of mass shootings. They would be burned alive by Nazis just because of limping while you walk or moan because of the pain. Even if you were not killed by any of the Nazi punishments, surely diseases like Typhus (which killed around 35000 prisoners only in Bergen Belsen) would kill

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