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The Holocaust was the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, and the mentally or physically disabled (Introduction). The word Holocaust means burning of animals as a human sacrifice (Steele 6). In the process of the Holocaust, more than 35 million people died (Strahinich 76). The Holocaust took place mostly in Europe and Poland, where the Jewish population was three million plus (Introduction). Prime locations for the camps were on good working railroads with ghettos nearby (Strahinich 39). There were two groups involved in the Holocaust they were the Allies, which consisted of the United States, France, Soviet Union, and Britain and the other group was the Axis Powers which consisted of Germany, Japan, and Italy (World). The Holocaust is a time in …show more content…

With the Jews in the concentration camps, they were segregated from the general population. The healthy Jews were forced to do hard useless labors. It also made it easier for the Nazis to exterminate them(Steele 6). Jew politicians were moved there mainly so that they could be beaten for information(Strahinich 34). The Jews were moved to the concentration camps over a span 12 years. That 12-year time span was 1933 through 1945(Steele 6). The first concentration camp was Dachau. Dachau was built in 1933. The majority of camps were built at the Nazis climax, which was 1939(Strahinich 32). The Jews did not really start being placed in concentration camps until 1934. The reason for this is because that is when the SS got its independence from the SA, which meant the SS could do more of what the Nazis asked them to do(CONCENTRATION). The concentration camps were awful. The prisoners were forced to do a useless and hard task. One of those tasks was moving large stones out of the river. If a person could not complete the task they were shot or beaten(Strahinich 33). The worst of all the camps was Auschwitz. If a Jew was being sent or taken to that camp, they knew that meant they would be killed. By gas chambers or hard labor At Auschwitz, thousands of people would die each day(Blohm 16). In the many or all of the camps disease, starvation, torture, experimentation, and hard labor was common for the captives(Steele

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