The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

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Before television became more advanced during the mid 1940s, only about a few networks existed at the time, especially with news channels. Before cable got its upgrade, only very few well known news channels existed at the time. In the past, it was more simpler to announce the latest news . Sure the newspaper and radio exist, however, most newspaper articles were only made locally, for example, it will only talk about an event that happened in the city. But the news on television are more prominent in this present time, but now people can search anywhere for the latest events that occur around the world, whether it's on social media, television, or on the newspaper. With the technological advancement, cable has now become one of the best …show more content…

The news station, depending on whether they agree or disagree about it, will notify the viewers if they are liberals or conservatives. With this topic, all of the news networks are able to explain why guns laws should be able to exist or not. With Fox News, gun laws should not be passed by congress, in an attempt to preserve the second amendment. While the liberal side of the debate wants stricter gun laws, prohibiting people with criminal backgrounds to be able to easily obtain these firearms. To compare and contrast each of the news sources, look through it what is known as the SMELL test which is a brief check on the medium. In the other hand, keep in mind look back on the audience who have different perspective on the topic and may be vary on other news sources. Since the news station can alter a topic, it can be very difficult to find the truth behind the subject in any case. Where people can find the latest events is on social media. Once a huge event occurs, in can be prevalent into world wide web. Thanks to technology, now anyone can look for the truth, which can be an advantage for people who can widespread the

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