The Pros And Cons Of Health Care In America

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There is something wrong with the health care in America. People who live abroad in other countries understand there are issues with the United States health care system. According to “The Lancet”, the journal in the field of global health, “Fifteen percent of the population of America, or 37 million persons, have no health insurance or coverage (the highest in the industrialized world), one-third are children under 18.” So if they would fall ill, they could become bankrupt by paying out of pocket for medical attention. It would be better to change the American system to be more like the Japanese health care system. There are three main factors that could better change the American health care systems: accessibility, cost, and credit security. The first factor is the accessibility of health care system. All Americans will have equal access to health care. The Japanese federal government covers everybody’s health insurance. It includes basic preventive health care services as well as dental care. There are no limitations to use hospitals or treatments, unlike the United States, where depending on which insurance company you sign up with you may be limited to your service. In order to confirm this, there are more annual outpatients in the United States compared to Japan, 13.6 times to 3.8 times. Moreover, they can access a doctor on the very day they need one. Therefore a …show more content…

American citizens could not go bankrupt after a serious illness or injury. It is an important concern of American hospitals that patients escape from the hospital because of medical bill. If the United States would introduce a universal health care system, being denied treatment would not even be possible. In addition, in the terms of pre-existing conditions or pre-approval, which those are unknown anywhere with universal healthcare. From this practical viewpoint, you can see that Japanese health care is much

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