The Pros And Cons Of Paying College Athletes

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Zeke Wilson
English II 3rd
24 February 2023
Controversial Topics The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines controversy as, “a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views” (“Controversy”). There are many controversies that affect society today. Controversy can destroy families, cause arguments, and initiate political strife. Some of the major controversies affecting America today are racism, abortion, and gun control. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on controversial topics. The three most interesting controversies affecting us are Paying College Athletes, Lowering the Drinking Age, and Obesity.
College athletes should still be getting paid for multiple different reasons. The first major reason is the NCAA requires players to have health insurance to play but they players have to pay for their own health insurance (“Paying college athletes”). This shows that college Athletes have to pay for their insurance to play a sport. Athletes should not have to pay to continue playing sports and not being paid to do it. Athletes can only get money from NIL deals and most of the time, they do not get paid from the deals. In the article titled “Paying College Athletes”, Michael Sokolove states, “If you look at a program like [University of] Louisville, …they generate about $45 million a year in …show more content…

College athletes should be paid because of how dangerous their sport can be. The drinking age should be lowered because younger people will not want to drink more because it is legal. Obesity is not a disease, people that consider it a disease are making it acceptable to be obese. These are some of the most controversial topics talked about right now. The main takeaway that the readers should have is: go out and learn more about the discussions affecting America, and discover how you feel about

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