Safetrak Persuasive Essay

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SafeTrak is a secret GPS parents can use to track every movement of their teen drivers car, but do parents really want to break trust with their kids? I believe that parents should not invade their teens privacy and track their kids, because it shows children their parents don’t believe in them, trust them and won’t let them learn from their mistakes. Parents of teen drivers might say SafeTrak gives them peace of mind, but it shows teens their parents don’t believe in what they do. Ms.Skenazy, a mother of two, was named “America 's Worst Mom” because she let her 9 year old son ride the subway alone. In an article she said, “The message these anxious parents are giving to their children is ‘I love you, but I don 't believe in you. I don’t believe you 're as competent as i am.; “ When parents hold their child back from doing something because they won 't be supervised, it’s saying they don’t think they can do the right thing. As a teen with strict parents, I can vouch for Skenazy. Since I am a teen who only has 2 more months until I get my license, I talk to my parents a lot about driving. In these conversations with them, they talk about how my driving will be restricted to how far I can go and when I can go. Although I took Drivers Ed, passed my permit and drivers test already, my parents still don’t believe i 'm capable of driving as much as they do. So therefore, Ms.Skenazy’s accusations are correct, parents need to believe in their kids and give them chances. Trust

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