The Pros And Cons Of The 1876 Constitution

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The Constitution of 1876 was not the first constitution Texas had declared for itself. It was actually the fifth. When Texas had been released from Mexico's rule in 1836 it hastily drafted a constitution to basically cover itself from from any attacks. It was rushed and therefore nine years later another was written just before the annexation. Then in 1866 Texas after another constitution was written to changes with the times, Texas was trying to rejoin the federal Union and was required to write another new constitution. And then the long process to write the 1876 draft began. When the drafting process of the 1876 Constitution began, the convention wanted to add in several things to the bill of rights. It covered everything from Declaration …show more content…

We can see that one of the positives of this rewrite would be the fact that it is outdated, it is not "keeping up with the times" as some would say. It is strongly overdue to have a constitution that is as modern and urban growing as Texas is. We must revise the current draft to not be dated in 1876 anymore. It was made to benefit the ancestors that used to live here. Texans used to be be spread widely across the state. While it is the same today, we also have a much higher population than we used to back when we were settling into our ways as a state. This being said, it is a prime time to bring up another positive of a rewrite, the part-time legislature that we have only gets to meet once every two years and honestly that is not enough time to write a proper budget for our country-sized state. We are a large and strongly urbanized. We need a full time government to run our state and be able to speak up for all of our very loud opinions here in the lone star state, and we cannot do that when our state legislature is only getting 140 day biennial sessions. Now with every positive, a negative will ensue. One opponent of this rewrite is that it is the foundation of our state. While it is not of much order, people believe that it is what has made our country succeed, in some cases. Another is that in order to rewrite the constitution we have to have both political parties represented and they must agree to some manner, which is

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