The Pros And Cons Of Transgenderism

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“We need ethics to help us decide what to do in situations not covered by laws: for example, areas beyond the reach of law, such as personal relationships, but also in situations, such as biotechnology or the internet, that are so new that the legal system has yet to catch up” (Goldburg, 2009). Ethics involves systematising, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. A male pretending to be a female is not ‘right’ behavior, vice versa. If a male was to walk into a female bathroom, would woman be comfortable with that? If a female walked into a male bathroom, would men be comfortable with that? Is this okay for someone to do because they tell you they are “Transgender?” This is one of the questions we aren’t asking about …show more content…

The law says yes to this because they don’t see a problem with people “pretending” to be the opposite gender. But the amount of discomfort that would be caused to woman if a male was to walk into a female bathroom and say, “It’s okay, I identify as a woman”. Would that be okay? Is that the type of world we want to live in? The ethics of religion should be taken into consideration as they bring quality points about acceptance of who you are. If it is just a phase in the person’s life, maybe guidance towards the acceptance of their own body for what it is and the way they were made would make them re-think about whether they want to identify as the opposite gender. Peter Goldburg says that we need ethics to help us decide what we do in certain situations. Religion could certainly help this issue we face today, with the ethical approach of these religions could save people from making the wrong decision and leading to regret of their decisions. Once you have a sex change it is impossible to change back. People need to be aware of this and with the help of religion it could help

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