The Pros And Cons Of Wolf Hunting

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Theodore Roosevelt said “speak softly and carry a big stick” some people have no idea what he means by this quote, We never thought wolves would become as much of a problem until now. I believe the wolf population is happening right under our noses and we don't even know it yet. Even though the wolf numbers might not recover, wolves should be hunted because wolves are killing large numbers of deer and livestock and wolves are endangering humans and farmers. Many people believe that the wolf population will not recover if the humans continue to hunt them,or increase our hunting on them.”The latest population survey results estimate that 470 wolf packs lived in Minnesota's wolf range this past winter, 212 more wolves than estimated on the survey conducted in winter 2013”.(DNR).The wolf population is increasing when people are worried that it won't be able to recover from hunting and that they should be endangered. The way the wolf population is going we will have more and more wolf packs …show more content…

As we expand further due to our population increasing we are pushing into their territory therefore putting them into our backyards,so incidents are bound to happen. There have been 19 incidents including a soldier. The most recent was a woman, Candace B Berner,who was attacked on March 8,2014 while she was jogging. Another was Corporal Michael McGillicuddy, on the 5 August 2000, while he was in his base a rabid wolf ran into the base and attacked him, killing him. A teen was just recently attacked by a wolf. The boy didn't do anything, the wolf just went up behind the boy and grabbed his head. Another example of wolves endangering the lives of humans is the attacks on household pets. Last year a total of 43 dogs were attacked and killed by wolves. The more we move into the wolves territory, the more encounters we are going to have whether they are fatal or

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