The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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7 Tips On How To Pursue Happiness

If there is one thing in life that is absolutely cherished by a lot of people, it’s happiness. Happiness can also be considered as the most crucial element in all walks of life, without it, even a wealth of prosperity and success feels rather meaningless. But “happiness is a state of mind,” many people say, implying that it should not even be an issue.

Unfortunately, to some people, finding happiness is not as easy as turning the palm of our hand over. Yes, happiness may be elusive. But despite that fact, it is still within our grasp. There are a lot of things we can do to pursue the true and lasting happiness we so long for. Are you in the pursuit of happiness? Read on for 7 tips on finding happiness in life.

1. Define happiness

Just like it's listening to Oprah, he first and most important thing you must do is determine your own definition of happiness and think carefully whether or not it is already in your life. More often than not, people are just oblivious to the fact that happiness is actually in their life and they just do not realize it.

2. Let go of your past
Your past along with the mistakes you have done, they do not define you. That is one thing you must always keep in mind. Tell yourself that everyone makes
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This does not mean you should completely stop airing your irritation or anger altogether, you may feel angry, but do try to stop yourself from voicing out every little irritation and expressing anger that is related to minor and insignificant annoyances. Take a deep breath and ride it out like a wave; anger will dissipate before you know it. This takes a lot of tries, but when you realize that being angry at minor things and blowing them out of proportion does not make you feel better and instead, only amplifies your bad mood, you will manage your anger
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