The Rag And Bone Shop Analysis

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The story “The Rag and Bone Shop,” is about the brutal murder of a seven-year-old girl named Alicia Bartlett. They interrogate a twelve-year-old boy, named Jason Dorrant, who is her friend and the last known person to see her alive. Trent is an expert interrogator, who does the interrogation of Alicia’s murder and summits Jason to a interrogation. Sarah Downes and Carl Seaton compare Trent to a Priest. They are similar because they both sit in a chair, in a silent place. They listen to people’s confessions. A Priest doesn’t listen the person’s confess against them. The crucial differences in Trent’s interrogations and capabilities are that Trent does not give absolution about the sin and the Priest can give absolution. If you confess your sin with an interrogator you have to pay what you have done, but if you go with a Priest he is going to keep the secret. If you go with a Priest you don’t go to jail. But if you go with an interrogator you are going to go to jail. “He didn’t think he’d ever hit anybody again but he had proved himself capable of doing it.” It became a weapon later for Trent because Jason hit Bobo leaving him with a bloody nose. Trent knew that Jason can be violent …show more content…

I think he will carry out his plan to kill Bobo Kelton because Bobo was a bully at school. The things that make me think that is because one day Bobo pushed Jason from behind while he was waiting in line in the school cafeteria. Jason had turned around and knocked him down because he had seen him do stuff over the course of the year. Bobo had pulled a guy’s shirt out of his pants, pushed his body against Rebecca’s Tolland whispered something in her ear pinched her chest, tweaked one of her small breast. So, I think Jason would continue his plan to kill Bobo Kelton. But at the same time I think he didn’t continue his plan because he knew that Trent would put him in jail, and he would go through the process of interrogation

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