Crane's Struggle In 'The Red Badge Of Courage'

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1. “The Successes and Failures of Chancellorsville” is very detailed in its story about the war. The shooting starts and then some of the men start not listening to orders and begin doing their own thing. Then the shooting is over, and the soldiers finally reach their destinations. In “The Red Badge of Courage” speaks of a young soldier who gets ready for battle upon the command. He prepares himself by making sure his weapon is loaded and then across fields came men running and yelling and then the firing starred. The young man panicked because now he was unsure whether he had loaded his weapon or not. The difference between the two is the one written in first person makes you feel like you are the young man making that mistake during war, …show more content…

From Cranes passage you understood exactly what was taking place. Cranes passage gave vivid details and made you feel as you were physically there. Cranes passage made you want to keep reading to see what the outcome would be.
5. The purpose of the writers’ action during the Chancellorsville battle was to explain how the troops were set up waiting to attack. The set up in an area known as Hazel Grove, which was an open plateau. On both sides of the plateau troops were set u and waiting to attack if need be. There was firing way off in the distance, but it never made it to the plateau area.
6. Crane gives vivid detail of the attach and how the people or troops are feeling during the attack. Crane describes the area they are in as begin hills where the writer’s description of the Chancellorsville Battle was flat ground. In Cranes story the troops had just woken up where in the other story they had time to get set up. Cranes story explains firing going on around the troops and the troops firing back where as the other story the trips were just waiting.
7. Each passage differs in it affects on the reader because of the visualization. Cranes passes is more vivid and a lot easier to understand because of the details it gives whereas the other you really must read and reread it to understand the …show more content…

Both passages resemble one another because in both orders are being given in which the men do not agree with. Because the orders were being given the men had to do it whether they agreed or disagreed. If the men did not follow the ordered consequences would be taken. In “Recollections of the Civil War” the men would be shot if they did not follow orders, and in Cranes story the men were told to keep walking whether they wanted to or not.
11. The difference between the two passages was that in the passage from “Reflections of the Civil War” the men were being given orders from authority and if the men refused to follow the orders they would be shot, this was not open for discussion. In the passage from Cranes story the men were ordered to walk and discussion was between themselves about walking and the waste of time it was, they just wanted to fight. In the end they just walked because that was the

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