The Role And Importance Of Physical Planning

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3.0 Principle


The government launched Vision 2020 a decade ago. The foundation of the Vision as laid out in its nine strategic challenges is for ‘Total Development Doctorine’. (2000). This represents a culmination towards creating a balanced development concept. Vision 2020 stresses the need for economic development in which is mutually reinforced with the concept of an economically jus society. Thus, although economic growth is important, the desire for growth has to be related to questions of stability, control of inflation, sustainability, raising the quality of life and other social objectives.

Analyzing the role of physical planning is vita in understanding how planning can help to achieve a balanced development. Generally, Physical planning has the following roles:

Translating socio economy and other policies into spatial and physical forms. To attain this strategy, all socio economic policies have to be evaluated on its spatial and physical implications;
Emphasizing on the aspect of environmental quality in physical planning;
Providing facilities to ensure an equitable and higher standard of living for all; and
Physical planning policies take into consideration the latest development in science and technology, which it turns, can help achieve a higher quality of living. Translating the above, physical planning therefore encompasses the development plan system, which consists of four major levels of planning as shown in

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