Environmental Impact Statement

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What is an environmental impact report or statement? When we think of engineering we usually think of the construction of buildings or roads or even the manufacture of products. We rarely consider what effects these processes have on the surrounding environment or the global impact. In this section of the report I will discuss why an Environmental Impact Statement and Environment Impact Assessment are used in Civil engineering.
An Environmental Impact Statement is described in S.I No 349 of 89 (art 3(1)) as follows:
"A statement of the effects, if any, which proposed development, if carried out, would have on the environment". (http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/1989/si/349/made/en/print)
A site can be determined easily at the start if it …show more content…

Environmental impact assessment
"Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the term applied to the systematic examination of the likely impacts of development proposals on the environment prior to the beginning of any activity". (http://www.ncte.ie/environ/eia.htm)
Screeningis the process of ascertaining whether a development requires an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is determined by reference to mandatory and discretionary provisions as set out in the Planning and Development Acts (2000-2010) and the Planning and Development Regulations (2001-2011).

The likelihood of significant environmental effects is the principal issue around which consideration of the requirement for an EIA is focused. These significant effects have the potential to occur due to nature of the proposed development, the scale, massing or magnitude of the proposed development and the intended location of the development in relation to particular environments sensitive to …show more content…

This article refers to the criteria for determining whether works would or would not be likely to have significant effects on the environment set out in Annex III to the EIA Directive, as amended. The criteria, as per Schedule 7 of the Planning and Development Regulations are grouped under three headings:
(i) Characteristics of Proposed Development,
(ii) Location of the Proposed Development and
(iii) Characteristics of Potential Impacts. Consent authorities must have regard to these criteria in forming an opinion as to whether or not a sub-threshold development such as the proposed development, are likely to have significant effects on the environment.
Environmental impact statement
When an EIS is required it should formatted in a clear and precise way to assist assessment by the necessary parties. The report should be systematically organised (see figure 1) and have sections on:

• The Proposed Development
• The Existing

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