EPA Mission Statement

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Mission Statement: The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) serves as a means to help protect the health of all Americans and their environment. In their efforts to do so the EPA 's purpose is to protect U.S. citizens from being exposed to possible health issues in all aspects of their lives, whether it be at home, school, or even work. These efforts are being made all over the U.S. to try and reduce external costs on U.S. citizens, by using the best info available to the EPA about health risks. Not only is the EPA advocating for the protection of the environment, but U.S. policies are having a larger presence of reforms that concern every aspect of the environment, ranging from natural resources to energy and transportation. …show more content…

It 's job is to control air emissions from both mobile and immobile sources. Since the Clean Air Act was implemented, not only has the emission of six different types of pollutants dropped 69 percent in the time between 1970 and 2014, but the Act has also helped prevent thousands of people from becoming ill with serious health effects during these years. In order for there to be any action taken by the government, the Act asks for the state and the EPA to help solve these problems by using programs that are based on the newest technological and scientific information. However, we still face problems with air pollution today, and it still threatens the health and welfare of all …show more content…

An example of air pollution that has become more prominent in the last few years has been acid rain. Acid rain had increased the marginal social cost on the American people through its risks of a persons health, however, most people only realize the marginal social benefits that it represents, like the goods that are made, with the rain as their product. Title IV of the Clean Air Act is where we find the laws that regulate Acid Deposition, which occurs when sulfur and nitrogen emissions combined with other substances, are changed in the atmosphere and then dropped back on Earth in a form that is very harmful to a persons and the environments health. The Clean Water Act was put into place in order to create a system so that there aren 't too many pollutants released into the U.S. 's water supply and to make sure that the water is deemed as safe for Americans to use and drink from. The Clean Water Act was first introduced in 1948 as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, but in 1972 it was restructured and expanded. Since they began, the EPA has created wastewater standards for companies that create contaminants. In order to help regulate these discharges of pollutants, the EPA 's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System created a permit

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