Why Is It Important To Measure Sustainability

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1. Understanding of why it is important to measure sustainability and the associated problems and conflicts of different indicator sets and types
Evidence –
It is really difficult to find exact concept for measuring sustainability. For instance the measurement of life parameters is differ between different cultures and individuals. So, different solutions will be required to be found for many different communities. However; we should not assume that things we cannot measured easily is not important. The agency of European Environment (EEA) had described the indicators as: parameters or value which derived from the parameters describe the environment situation and its impact to the human beings, material and ecosystem, the pressure on environment, driving forces and responses which steer that system. An indicators that have been selected
The effect on the surround environment by social, ecological, economic, etc. called sustainability.
Sustainability makes the people to be able to reduce/control the effects on planet, save resources, save money, protect plants, lands, animals and humans. It is also help our future generations by ensure the
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The built environment is a resources, services and infrastructure designed and made by the human to facilitate and support their life activities. Built environment may include all types of infrastructures included but not limited: roads, sewerage system, drainage, district cooling, buildings, railway lines, green areas and all other resources that make life easy and reduce the waste by recycling or treatment. There are so many schemes and researched are built in order to measure, improve the communities and environment. One of these systems is LEED “Leader ship in Energy and Environmental Design” which had been found in US as equivalent system to UK system BREEAM which was developed base on BREEAM

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