Wentworth Point Urban Report

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Wentworth Point is one of the Inner western Sydney suburbs. Wentworth Point suburb is part of City of Auburn LGA, closely located on 12km west of Sydney Central Business District (CBD), and 6km east of the Parramatta CBD. The suburb is encircled by Parramatta River in the north, Homebush Bay in the east, Haslams Creek and Bennelong Parkway in the south, and Hill Road, Burroway Road and the suburb of Sydney Olympic Park in the west. (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 2014)

Land use in Wentworth Point is mainly an industrial, maritime, commercial and growing residential area. Major features of the area are Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf and Wentworth Point. (Wentworth Point Community Profile, 2011). The site was formerly mudflats …show more content…

Based on Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct- Planning Report (NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, 2013), Wentworth Point was chosen as an urban activation precinct as it is located close to the geographic centres of the metropolitan Sydney region. Likewise, the precinct is a large and consolidated area in government ownership. The land was underutilised in which adjacent to a high level amenity areas, such as Sydney Olympic Parklands, Parramatta River, and Homebush Bay.
Surrounding Development
The proposed urban activation in Wentworth Point area is surrounded by several developments include new local centre for Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA); Homebush Bay new bridge construction to connect Wentworth Point to the Rhodes peninsula; and high density residential in the west side of Rhodes peninsula supported by the existing train station to access Sydney CBD.

a. Vision and …show more content…

Western Neighbourhood is primarily developed for high density residential, whereas Eastern Neighbourhood is used for high density housing, new public schools, community and maritime facilities. The vision also comprises commercial and open space uses throughout the precinct. As stated in A Plan for Growing Sydney 2031 (NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, 2014), the Government will provide 2,300 homes, local jobs with good access to social infrastructures and transport in Wentworth Point Priority Precinct. Wentworth Point is projected to be a vibrant precinct that can contribute to foster high quality of Sydney’s diverse and growing population. (Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct- Planning Report,

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