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Brief Description Florida Everglades The Florida Everglades is a 1.5million acre national park. It is a wetland located on the tip of Florida. The Everglades is made up of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods that are home to hundreds of animal species. Everglades, Florida, gets 1,447mm of rain per year. On average, there are 263 sunny days per year in Everglades, Florida. The July high is around 33 degrees. The January low is 11 celsius. Sydney Olympic Park Wetlands Sydney Olympic Park is a friendly wetlands home to both wildlife and people. It is a 430 hectare area full of wetlands, woodlands, parks and walking paths. It has a lot of history associated with the native Aboriginal people. The wetland is a friendly environment…show more content…
The amount of pollution which hit this particular area was large. The main source that the pollution came from was the factories. Between the 1950’s and 60’s the factories were releasing large amounts of gases, smoke and litter all on the streets and some even entered the waters. Development and infrastructure was also a major change. The development of the stadiums, parks, houses, warehouses have taken up the area of the wetland, reducing its size. These developments were created to keep up with the large urbanisation rate the area was receiving. Most of the creeks and waterways were built over for development reasons. There was a destruction of the mangroves, saltmarsh and…show more content…
Unlike the Everglades, Sydney Olympic Park Wetlands, have massive developments built in the area. This is a positive long-term impact as it will attract more tourism to the area, positively increasing the wetlands reputation. However, this does have a downside to it. The increase of urbanisation means more developments and infrastructure which may demolish the Sydney Olympic Park wetland. There is also a chance that the pollution may not stop. There are factories located relatively close to the wetland, which release gases and smoke affecting the biophysical processes in the

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