Advantages And Disadvantages Of Charles Town

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The Obstacles in Charles Town Settlement within North America first started in the year 1493. Settlement within South Carolina on the other hand, started in the year 1521. Francisco Gordillo first sailed to the Carolina coast in 1521, and many historians believe he anchored near present day Georgetown. Although Gordillo was the first to explore the Carolina area, he was not the first to try to settle the land. He quickly angered the natives by capturing them and selling them into slavery in the Caribbean. Soon after Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon led an attempt to settle the South Carolina territory with approximately 600 settlers. His settlement did not last due to harsh weather conditions, sickness, low food supplies, and hostile natives. The Spanish settlement lasted a mere six months before the Spanish deported. Another failed…show more content…
The resources included flat land, rivers, streams, and swamps, and a diversity of soils. Although all of these could be an advantage towards the settlers they could also provide difficult situations. For example flat land could have an advantage of easy transportation and make it easier to grow crops. On the other hand, the disadvantages include that the flat land offers no protection from the natives. This is where the saying “To win a battle you must have the higher ground” comes into play. The second resource would be the bodies of water such as rivers, streams, and swamps. These provide an easy source of transportation but also provide a home to many animals that could potentially be a threat to the settlers. These animals include panthers, tigers, wolves, and other beasts of prey such as deer. The third resource would be the diversity of soils. These different soils were remarkable to the settlers, but they made it difficult to grow certain crops specific types of soil such as clay. These were some of the difficult situations the settlers came
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