The Role Of The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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There is no doubt that Victor Frankenstein is one of the most controversial characters in literature, yet the creature he creates is the one who really the steals the attention in one of the most recognized books of all time, by creating a controversy of his own. While some readers may sympathize him because he, like a child being left by their parent, was abandoned by his creator, some may also despise him for killing William, a mere child. Of course, either of these opinion could be proven true based on the evidence that may be found in the book, however, no what stance is taken, it does not change the fact that the creature is indeed human. .Humans make mistakes, feel, and need to cared for, just like the creature, despite his appearance.…show more content…
They have emotions, and to be completely honest, are fragile and must be taken care of. Most children have a role model; someone to help them decipher between right and wrong. Without them, children unable to learn, because being left on their own leads them to having nobody to influence their decisions. Just because the creature in Frankenstein was made in a lab and may not look human, does not change the fact that the creature has all the characteristics that come into account when describing a
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