The Seven Commandment In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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1) The Seven Commandments was propaganda for animalism, which was based on equality and not being humanlike in any way. First, No animal shall wear clothes. This is because by the time the pigs adopt clothes they are so powerful, and the other animals are so fearful, that it is unnecessary; second, whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. Because once they have achieved victory, animals must not emulate Man. They must not wear clothing, live in houses, or copy any of Man’s other “evil” habits; Third, No animal shall drink alcohol. Napoleon 's selfish behavior is the cause of the alteration to the fifth Commandment. When he and the other pigs get drunk, Napoleon 's hangover is a cause for alarm, more and more of the farm 's resources are diverted to the provision of alcohol for the pigs. 2) Humans, in spite of the fact that pigs ruled over the farm however the pigs are utilizing the strategies and the strategies that Jones used to take after and far and away more terrible. So fundamentally the pigs are currently people, they don 't contrast what so ever, and in the last part where the creatures at long last find what the pigs have gotten to be, as they see them drinking, sitting, playing cards and giggling with Humans, and also strolling on two legs and being dictators. 3) Moses the Raven represents religion and Sugar Candy Represents heaven. Moses gets in the way of the pigs’ efforts to spread Animalism by

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