The Significance Of The Scopes Monkey Trial

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The Scopes Monkey Trial was an important event in history that still holds resonance today. The South during the 1920’s was still recovering from Reconstruction after the war. Which means that the South was not in favor of any National attention that could possibly be avoided. This case being in the South as well as being such a controversial topic, created a separation between the newer town of Dayton (did not mind attention) and the state of Tennessee(did not want attention). Out of which came an array of views on whether this trial should even be held or not. The Scopes Monkey Trial was a highly controversial case that has had long lasting effects on even society today.

Fundamentalists and Evolutionists were the basis of the Scopes Monkey …show more content…

This offer was meant to go to higher courts and not stay local. George W. Rappleyea was a scholar from the North who supported the Theory of Evolution. He read about this offer and contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. Rappleyea believed in what the American Civil Liberties was trying to do and realized that he had all the tools to help them. Rappleyea then started to build a case for the American Civil Liberties Union to support. Dayton happened to be the perfect place to build the case because it “lacked both a sense of tradition and confidence in the future” ( Larson, Edward L.). Dayton as a city, was unlike the state of Tennessee, where it resided. It had not suffered as harshly from Reconstruction because it was a newer city. It was not as conscious about its national image. Dayton did not have much to lose. Rappleyea found two prosecutors by the names of Herbert E. Hicks and Sue K. Hicks. The brothers agreed to prosecute on the condition that they would be prosecuting a local teacher who had taught about evolution during the period of time in which the law was enacted. This led Rappleyea to a science teacher by the name of John T. Scopes. He had taught out of the Hunter’s Civic Biology textbook while substitute teaching a biology class. Although this book held “state approved” standing, …show more content…

There was an instance in Arizona where a school ripped the pages out of Biology textbooks, trying to not teach students about Evolution. Although there is some evidence to support Darwin's Theory. There is no clear definitive answer, and might never be, on whether Creationism or evolution is right. It was so long ago that there can not be a side that has the “complete truth”. They are both theories that might never be proved. No matter what a person believes in, a child should be allowed to open their minds ho new theories and ideas. However both sides believe so strongly in that they have the right answer, that open mindedness and free thought gets lost. As of January 28th, 2017 there is a Bill still trying to get passed in South Dakota that would protect students rights and religious neutrality. It was having trouble being passed, because America (as a broad term), still lives in the past. It procrastinates on decisions that are not necessarily as important as other matters. It is set in its ways and has not yet accepted other religions as valid belief systems, because we want to do things such as bring religion back into classrooms. What religion would this be? Every religion has a right to their own theories and religious beliefs, but

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