The Similarities Between 'The Sniper And Cranes'

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Cant we all just get along? These two stories “The Sniper” and “Cranes” show the really bad aspects of war and how they can really effect humans. In the story “The Sniper” the theme for the sniper is “War knows no boundaries, age, sex, location, time of day, or family ties. In cranes it talks about how the two friends in the story, one becomes a rebel the other a government worker. “Cranes” was written by Hwang Sunwon and translated by Peter H. Lee. And “The Sniper” was written by Liam O Flaherty. Although the setting of both stories was during the civil war the themes are the same and different. “The Sniper” talks about a Republican Sniper. The conflict is that the sniper is caught in a civil war. This is very hard for him because his brother in on the opposing side. What the character learns is the a bullet has no name on it and also …show more content…

Next both of the main characters had someone they knew personally on the opposing side. And finally their motives were the same, which was to win the war and protect their fellow soldiers at all cost. They were different however because one story was station in America the other in the Koreas. Also in “The Sniper” the character on the opposing side was killed where as in “Cranes” the character was set free. Finally the themes of the stories are different as well. In conclusion the story ‘The Sniper” written by Liam O Flaherty and “Cranes” WRITTEN BY Hwand Suwon and translated by Peter H. Lee. These two stories show the true effects of war. The negative are shown but some postive effects are shown as well. In “The Sniper” the lesson learned was “War know no boundaries age, sex ,location, time of day, or family ties. In cranes the theme was “Don’t turn your back on your friends” and “War treats humans like objects.”So these two stories show the negative effects and positive effects of war, And also why war isn’t for

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