How Is The Sniper And Cranes Alike

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The Sniper and Cranes The Sniper and Cranes are two short stories written by two different authors. They have many similarities and differences. One similarity of the stories is that the sniper and Song-Sam both were against the people that they knew. Another similarity is that their countries were both being split apart. Even though nothing should come between people, war breaks ties and relationships with people that normally don’t ever break. War splits families, friends, and even countries. The topic of family is different in both short stories, but yet it plays an important role in each story. In “The Sniper”, the man who is the sniper actually shoots his brother during the Irish civil war. The story reads, “Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother’s face”(The Sniper 1). Therefore, the war breaks up a family and is also ironic. Whereas in “Cranes”, we hear very little about any of his family in the …show more content…

One difference between these two books involving friendship is that in “The Sniper”, the main character has revealed little information about friends to anyone. The book reads, “The sniper had left all his family and friends at home when he left for war”(The Sniper 1). This quote reveals how the main character’s friendships were broken because of war. Whereas in Cranes, Song-Sam had an old friend named Tok-chae. The book reads, “In front of the public police office a young man stood. He was taken aback; it was his boyhood playmate Tok-chae”(Cranes 1). This quote shows how the war had broken up Song-Sam and Tok-chae. However, a similarity can also be found between these two stories. In Cranes, Song-Sam and Tok-chae are on different sides, Tok is a communist while Song is in the republic. The Sniper reveals to everyone that the main character, the sniper, is also on different sides of his friend in the Irish civil war, if you consider a brother a

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