Film Review: The Sixth Sense

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Sonia Choqette stated, “Your sixth sense should be your first.” After watching The Sixth Sense, I agree with Choquette. Through the deep concepts of the film The Sixth Sense, we are taken through the characters’ phases of darkness and watch as the characters are brought into the light. The film focuses on the emotions of all the characters, and shows how they face darkness, fail, and find the light.
The film goes through the struggles of a boy named Cole, who has a dark secret but turns the darkness into the light. At the beginning of the film, nobody understands Cole: the kids at his school call him a freak, Malcolm is scared of him because Cole reminds him of the boy he failed with, and his mother is searching for the answers to help …show more content…

As Malcolm and wife are celebrating after he just won an award, a man breaks into his house and shoots Malcolm. After this event the story continues to the point where he meets Coles, at first Cole doesn't show a lot of recognition to Malcolm, but this boy reminds Malcolm of the one he failed with so he is motivated to help him. Malcolm and Cole have many sessions together and it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere Cole even tells him “your nice, but you can’t help me.” Yet Malcolm looks as if he helps Cole it will be like helping the one he failed with and he will be redeemed, so he doesn’t stop trying. While Cole is in the hospital he asks Malcolm the reason why he's sad, and Malcolm decides to tell him. Then after he tells him Cole opens up to Malcolm and tells him he sees dead people. At first Malcolm doesn't believe him and says that Cole might have early stages of schizophrenia. Eventually, Malcolm comes to realize that Cole is telling the truth and that the child he failed with was dealing with the same thing. Malcolm comes to a conclusion if Cole tries to help these dead people they will finally move on; this starts working for Cole and Malcolm starts to find the light but something is still holding him back, his wife. On Cole and Malcolms last meeting, Cole tells him to talk to his wife in her sleep and she will answer. As Malcolm gets home his wife is sleeping he comes over by her and tells her he loves her, and misses her; for the first time sense he got shot she replies but she is not awake. She drops his wedding ring, Malcolm looks at his hand and sees he doesn't have it on, he finally comes to a realization that he is dead ; he died when he was shot by the boy he failed with, and now connected with his wife again he can finally let go and fall into the

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