The Song Of Song By Isabel Summary

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The author shows that Isabel is very musical. She especially shows this with her thoughts. She relates everything to her music; she is always thinking about her culture and she lives the journey like it’s a song. She sees everything that happens on her journey as music. When they were bailing water out of their boat she said “It sounded like a conga solo as the rain drummed against the sides of the metal boat”. It makes sense that she does this, because she is a musician of a high caliber. She relates things back to her culture and her music because it makes it easy to understand and it makes sense for the reader. There are so many examples of this in the story. She goes through the trip as if it were a song. A triumphant and strong intro, a perilous and suspenseful middle, and a joyful and relieving coda. The reader can tell that she is musical because …show more content…

He said to a random woman, “Please, take the baby.” He had no idea who this woman was but all he wanted was to make his sister and mother safe. This moment really puts into perspective the refugee crisis and the struggles they face. People are giving away their children to complete strangers because that is safer than whatever they would have to do otherwise. He never thought about what would happen. He just handed her the bundled up baby and fell away. He fell back into the dark cold sea. This example also shows his actions. He never thought about if he should ask the rest of the family if he should give away their child! His thoughts also show his rashness. When he breathed in the tear gas he immediately thought he was going to die “I’m going to die”. He is constantly jumping to conclusions and doing things that are really impulsive. That is why I think Mahmoud is rash.Through his speech, actions and thoughts Mahmoud proves to be

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