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Chains Study Guide

1) Describe the life of slaves in the American colonies in the 1700s. The slaves in the American colonies in the 1700s lived under cruel conditions. Often they were separated from their families as Isabel and Ruth were separated,and they were ordered around and used as pawns in the war.
Discuss the difference between a servant and a slave. The servants were being paid, and they were allowed to have their own homes, and a some kind of freedom. The slaves, however were bought and sold as property, they worked without being paid, and most had any kind of freedom.
How did Miss Mary Finch’s view of slavery differ from that of most slave owners?Miss Mary Finch treated Isabel and Ruth with respect, also she taught them how to …show more content…

5) Discuss why Curzon thinks that Isabel will be a good spy. Because as a slave they didn't think of her as a person, and would say things in front of her that they wouldn't say in front of others.
At what point does she accept his offer? When she saw Mrs. Lockton hits Ruth, and sees what they were hiding in the chest. Isabel feels betrayed by Curzon. How is Curzon betrayed by Colonel Regan? He convinces Curzon that he will free him for enlisting in his place, but Curzon ends up in prison.
At what point does Isabel understand that Curzon’s dream of freedom is the same as hers? When he gets put in prison How does this realization help her forgive him? She remembers how he helped her when she was in prison.
At the beginning of the novel, Isabel needs Curzon. How does he need her at the end of the novel? Curzon depends on Isabel to bring him food, and she helps him escape the prison and brings him with her to freedom.

6) Isabel encounters a woman in the street singing “Yankee Doodle,” and realizes that the woman is a messenger. What is the message? Soldiers are coming, and she should …show more content…

What precipitates such sadness in Isabel? Ruth is gone and she has been branded.
How does the hive grow bigger before Isabel learns to destroy it?

11) The old man that Isabel calls Grandfather says, “Everything that stands between you and freedom is the river Jordan.” He assures her that she will find it if she looks hard enough. What is the figurative River Jordan in the novel? Isabel’s struggles that she has to overcome
Discuss all of the tributaries that feed into Isabel’s River Jordan. Her sister being sold, Her being lied to by both sides, and her brand on her cheek.

12) The bookseller gives Isabel a copy of Common Sense by Thomas Paine. He advises her that the words are dangerous, and that she should commit them to memory. At what point does she understand Paine’s words? She understands what the words mean after she finishes the book
How does the book give her courage? It helps her to believe that nobody is lesser than anybody else, and helps her to break out Curzon and escape to

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