The Symbolism Of 'She-Wolf In Dante's Inferno'

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In Inferno, symbolisms drawn from animals have been used based on Christianity interpretation of the nature of the animals. In this symbolism, the leopard has been used to symbolize spiteful and deceptive traits. This is because the leopard has spots that make it camouflage and stalk its prey stealthily without being noticed and strike them when they least expect it. The fraudulent people are compared to the leopard since they give a humble impression at first just to do the unexpected later. The lion is used to represent people who are brutal and ruthless. This is because the lion is considered to be an animal which is aggressive and firmly seeks whatever it wants no matter neither the opposition nor the plight of those involved. A she-wolf is introduced to represent those sins that are irresistible by the human race because they are very enticing and appeal to the lust of the people. These sins comprise the sexual lusts, adultery and fornication. A she-wolf is used in this case because of its known sexual treachery. …show more content…

It comprises people who have not received salvation despite not having sinned from their birth. In Inferno, the group of people who fall in this category and are destined to taste hell fire include the non-Christian adults and unbaptized infants. This implies that many great people and influential thinkers of ancient times fall in this category. These are the Greek and Roman philosophers, medieval non-Christians, Sultan of Egypt, and great Islamic philosophers. This concept is introduced to highlight the significance of salvation. All those who fall in this first circle lack the hope for something greater than the rational mind can conceive. Hence this seeks to prove that the wise and influential are also in need of a

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