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In the last decades porn in the literal meaning of the word just burst into our lives from the pages of print publications, videos, screens and TV. The aggressiveness with which advertising of porn sites intrudes even on sites with harmless theme is amazing. The consumption of pornography (or "sexually explicit materials") is a global and mass phenomenon. As a result, porn culture puts a sign of equality between sex, love and intimacy, completely distorting the meaning of these concepts.
In pornography the woman is shown as a commodity, "deprived of mind" sexual toy. All this leads to sexual discrimination, and thereby reinforces stereotypes and prejudices created by mankind in relation to men and women. There are basic symptoms, which are
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It means that only those women correspond to standards of erotic publications who remains in force - a perfect body, mystery and inaccessibility. And most of men who failed even to approach sex with the woman of their dreams, feel cheated or unmanly (weak).
A man sees beautiful women as collectibles that show the world who is a man. The mentality of "women's bodies as trophies", damaging thinking in youth, becomes even more devastating in adult life. In addition, trophies, once won, should become the property of the winner it is an indispensable symbol of physical achievements and merits. It is not possible to apply in relation to women's bodies.
A man fears true intimacy. He is unable to build trust and deep relationship with a woman, despite the deep loneliness. Pornography pays scant attention to men's needs in sensuality and intimacy with a woman, but exaggerates the importance of their sexual needs. Thus, the current bias develops in some men sexual concerns, which greatly hinder the filling those needs, and which can be obtained only in an emotionally intimate relationship with men and in non-sexual relationships with
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And most importantly it leads to an increase in the value of sexual relationships without commitment (loyalty) to the partner.
In addition, in some studies, researchers have observed numerous sustainable changes in the perception of sexual orientation and sexual behavior after repeated demonstrations of pornography volunteers (six weekly sessions of 1 hour). These changes include simplified attitude to rape as a criminal offence, exaggerated idea of the prevalence (popularity) very sexual practices in society, the increase of roughness (callousness) in relation to women and their problems, dissatisfaction with the sexual relationship and the diminishing importance of trusting, intimate relationship with a partner.
In clinical practice doctors have encountered with children and adults who have suffered of significant damage when confronted with pornography. If anyone still has doubts about the impact of pornography, I would suggest him/her to schedule and attend a few meetings of "Anonymous Hypersexuals" and see for him/herself how painful and traumatically this

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