The Theme Of Family In The Book Thief By John Spiegelman

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Family is one of the themes displayed in this story. From the beginning of the novel, Vladek is seen enjoying his wife and the birth of his son. His wife, who is experiencing post-partum depression, takes a visit with Vladek to the sanitarium to help her recover. However, during the journey he tries to hide away the Nazi party from his wife to leave her with no worries by saying “The sanitarium was far away from everything-so peaceful, so quiet” (Spiegelman 36). Vladek is soon drafted to the Polish army. He is afraid for his life, but is more afraid to leave his family behind. Luckily, he becomes a prisoner of war (POW) and is “protected a little as a Polish war prisoner” (Spiegelman 39). Vladek returns home and sees the loss of his factory.

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