Vladek In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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In chapter three you continue to see how Vladek uses his connections to make his imprisonment in Auschwitz easier. As Dani said Vladek is a resourceful man who is able to use everything he has and make the most out of it. He survives this way. In the beginning of the chapter they start to hear rumors about “the front” being very close signifying the end of Nazi control and freedom for the prisoners. Because of this the prisoners had to walk miles to a new camp and take a train where they were packed and if you fell you never came up. Vladek had a blanket in the train and used this to make a hammock so he would not get crushed. “It wasn’t room to fall… And if he fell, they stood on him.” Vladek got an infection in his hand, which he made worse
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