Theme Of Insanity In Catch 22

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Register to read the introduction…So what does insanity really mean? It 's a broad term, with different legal and colloquial connotations. To summarize itshortly, the individual may seem crazy by the society because he can 't live by the set of logical principles or the precepts that the society has accepted which leads to the individua being considered as crazy or insane. however in “catch 22” the rules of society tends to differ from a non-military society. It isn 't really a surprise that they call eachother crazy. Each and one of them have their own kind of rules, therefore in their eyes, they can only see that everybody else in not following the rules. It is quite diffucult to determine wheether he person is insane or not. For example a calm person who is joining a war with destruction in his or hers eyes and seeking for death can be quite a disturbing behaviour even though he or she is calm. I was just able to read a little part of the whole novel so I didn 't really get to see the how the main chara developed through the story. To see the character development you nedd to read the novel and that 's exactly what I…show more content…
To prove why this is so absurd is the part when the soldiers are kicking prostitutes out on the street. Yossarian doesn 't really understand and a woman replies to him: "Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can 't stop them from doing" . They didn 't even know what catch 22 was, simply because the laws says that they don 't need to explain what catch 22 is” So ..why is that so? What law says that? Ofcourse, catch 22. There comes the real logic behind the catch 22, it 's a name that benefits people who have power. There 's no escape from it because those with authority can compel you to obey, no matter how ridiculous the rule is. ehind Catch-22 stands an unswerving principle: might makes right.Catch-22 also manifests itself even when it is not explicitly named. Conclusion. Imagine that you are trapped in a box and there 's no way out. Everyday looks the same, you are trying to escape but you will soon find out that you 're controlled and confined for no apparent reason. You don 't even know why you where but in a box in the first case. Living like this day in and night out, you would eventually welcome insanity into your empty mind when you have finally let reality slip through your hands. That 's what “catch 22” is
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