The Theme Of Madness, And Insanity In Catch 22

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Imagine that you are trapped in a box and there 's no way out. Everyday looks the same, you are trying to escape but you will soon find out that you 're controlled and confined for no apparent reason. You don 't even know why you where but in a box in the first case. Living like this day in and night out, you would eventually welcome insanity into your empty mind when you have finally let reality slip through your hands. That 's what “catch 22” is about. Set toward the end of World War II in 1944, on an island off the coast of Italy, o be exact. The catch in “catch 22” is certainly an ineviability to death since this story takes place in the middle of a war. The extract of “catch 22” actually has the part where they have an explaination of what the catch is. It got introduced in a conversation between yossarian and doc daneeka. Yossarian, who didn 't want to fly any more combat mission went to Doc daneeka so he could ground him. It has a circular logic meaning that always turns back on itself and making it impossible to advance forward. Another the theme is that it 's not possible to live as a sane person in an insane world. So what does insanity really mean? It 's a broad term, with different legal and colloquial connotations. To summarize itshortly, the individual may seem crazy by the society because he can 't live by the set of logical principles or the precepts that the society has accepted which leads to the individua being considered as crazy or insane.
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