The Theme Of The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

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Around the world parents tell their children that they cannot do a fun activity before completing their school work. In most cases, kids become angry about missing the entertainment they were planning on doing. Children eventually understand why their parents did not let them go. “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers tells the story of a boy named Greg Ridley who wants to play basketball for the Scorpions. However, Greg’s dad does not let Greg play for them because of his bad grades in school. Greg runs away and meets Lemon Brown, a homeless man, who treats a harmonica and news clippings from his dead son as a treasure. Lemon Brown teaches Greg the importance of family and at the end of the story Greg finally understood that his …show more content…

Authors use dialogue when they have a character say important words. For instance, when Lemon Brown talked with Greg, he explained how he missed his son and became heartbroken when his son died. “ ‘Course by then I wasn't as much as I used to be, not without somebody to make it worthwhile.” (737). Since Lemon Brown spoke about how he wanted his son to make his life worthwhile, then Greg understood his dad was just doing the same. Because of this realization, Greg knew his dad just wanted him to do well in school.The words spoken by Lemon Brown show importance because it helps Greg understand how his dad helps him so this shows an example of dialogue. For example, Lemon Brown recalled the moment when his son died and talked to Greg about his son’s death. “I traveled around, and one time I come home and there was this letter saying Jesse got killed in the war. Broke my heart, truly did.” (738). Since Lemon Brown became so heartbroken when talking about his son then Greg understood that his dad would feel the same exact way. Therefore, Greg realized that his dad cared about him and would do anything to protect him. These words spoken show importance because it makes Greg realize that his dad loves him so shows an example dialogue. Myers uses dialogue to convey the theme of “parents alway want their kid to succeed even if it may not always seem like …show more content…

The author uses symbolism by having an object represent a character, idea, or theme. When Greg enters the abandoned building, he meets a homeless man. “The person who called himself Lemon Brown peered forward… his pants were bagged to the knee, where they met with rags that went down to old shoes.” (733). Lemon Brown's clothes symbolize his wealth. If Lemon Brown does not have a lot of money and still treats his son's belongings as treasure then Greg realized his dad loved him just how lemon brown loves his son. Since Greg realizes this, he knew his dad just wanted to help him in school. When lemon Brown fends off the thugs, he shows Greg his treasure. “They sent back what he had with him over there, and it was this old mouth fiddle and these clippings.” (738). These items from his son represent his love for him because even though they are not valuable items he still treasures them If Lemon Brown treasures these non valuable items, then he must really love his son. Because Greg notices this, he realizes his dad would do the same thing. The author uses symbolism to convey the theme of parents always want their children to

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