The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963: Is It Byron Or Kenny?

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Characters change a lot throughout stories. For example “The Watsons go to Birmingham -1963” the question is, who has changed the most; is it Byron or Kenny? I believe that Byron has changed in ways of his attitude, his respect for his grandma Sands, and his respect for everyone. Byron is a nice person, but let’s take a flashback to when Byron was a not so nice person, basically the opposite of what he is now. Byron’s attitude at the beginning of the story. He treats Kenny like one of the kids he bullies at school. The author would have Byron hitting Kenny in the beginning of the book. In the book it says that when Byron had got a conk haircut right before his dad was going to talk to him about why he had made that poor decision Byron popped Kenny right in the arm and made Kenny cry. But in the later on parts of the book when Kenny kept hiding in the pet hospital (behind the sofa) he had comforted Kenny and helped him in his time of need, and convinced Kenny that he shouldn’t feel guilty for not saving Joey. So that is one of the reasons that I think Byron has changed more than Kenny. …show more content…

I claim that because when Byron was in the ride from Michigan to Alabama he was talking to Kenny about how grandma Sands was really, really, really mean and she was incredibly strict. But that all changed when Byron first got to grandma sands, instead of being really rude like he is to his parents he was unusually respectful to her. When Byron, Joey, and Kenny went to go swimming, grandma Sands asked Byron to stay with Kenny and Joey but Kenny was the one that didn’t follow the rules and got left at the wool pooh. Byron has grown a lot of respect for grandma

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