The Word's Bad Language

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Bad language is used all the time around us and is used in a variety of different ways. I have heard native speakers using this swear word in so many different ways and contexts, but have never thought that bad word could actually be very playful, and sometimes have positive connotations. I have heard of them at school, at bus stops, train stations, around town, and with groups of friends. Then, I did some researches for I wanted to know what some common curse words people used in America are, and how to use them correctly. The word “s**t” was the one I chose to focus on. It is true that the word “s**t” is definitely a strong word which is rude and offensive. The speakers should not use this word in front of sensitive and respective people, especially those who are in a …show more content…

It totally means something opposite. If “s**t” means something bad and useless, “the s**t” means it is very high quality. If we hear someone say, “That player is the s**t”, it does not mean that man is a bad player, or he is stupid in playing. It is a compliment to that man, and the speaker shows that they love him, and he is so great. The second way is to use the phrase “a piece of s**t”. When it refers to a person, “a piece of s**t” is someone who has no morals and takes advantages of someone. For example, “Somebody stops that piece of s**t”, it means that person might steal something from someone, and he is running away. If we use this expression to talk about an object or a piece of equipment, it means that it does not work very well, or not as we expected. “It is a piece of s**t” when referring to a car means that one does not function properly. Thirdly, if somebody tells us that we are in a deep “s**t”, we are in a serious trouble. This can be financial trouble, professional trouble, or trouble in your personal life. For instance, you will be in a deep “s**t” if you do not pay the bills monthly. Otherwise, we may get a bad

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