Theme For English B Poem By Langston Hughes Essay

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In the poem “Theme for English B,” by Langston Hughes 1949, experiences of the speaker during the Harlem Renaissance, this poem is about the speaker writing about his experience during the Harlem Renaissance and the diversities of that time. In the poem “Any Human to Another,” by Countee Cullen 1934, the speaker growing up during the Harlem Renaissance and how it was like and how other connected with Cullen. Both poems are similar because both of the poems the speaker talks about human connections, seeking equality, and both were during the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes’s poem is different from Cullen’s poem because Hughes speaks about being different racially, and Hughes’ theme is race and diversity. The influence of the Harlem Renaissance created the theme; why the theme was connection in the first place.…show more content…
“I am the only colored student in my class” (Hughes, 10). This shows racial diversity in Hughes’s poem. While Cullen’s poem isn’t about race in general. In Cullen’s poem, he talks about grief and sorrow, this is another difference between the two poems. “Your every grief like a blade shining and sorrow must be laid on your head like a crown” (Cullen, 25-27 & 30-31).The author is trying to say that others can cause grief and sorrow and the connection of one another. In conclusion, both poems are about human connections, but the differences are the topic of the poems, one being about race and the other is about grief and sorrow. The significance of these themes are that both connections of others during the Harlem Renaissance. Both poems expresses the theme of human connections by using words to describe the connections between the author and the community, like the diversity between White Americans and African Americans. But the topic of both are different, Hughe’s is purely based on race, but Cullen’s is the connection of
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