Theme Of Fear In A Christmas Carol

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Hosseini and Dickens both utilize fear throughout their novels in many characters as a motivator to redeem themselves from their past actions. In ‘A Christmas Carol’, Scrooge is condemned as a character who fears his self-image, similarly to Baba in ‘The Kite Runner’. Whilst this fear is what caused Scrooge to grow up as selfish and ignorant, Baba learns that the only way to redeem himself from his betrayal is by displaying great actions of kindness. In ‘A Christmas Carol’, Scrooge’s fear of going into poverty is what caused him to become a selfish and ignorant person, however the spirits show him a different point of view which causes him to change out of different fear. After being shown his miserable and lonely death, Scrooge shows a change …show more content…

This was a dramatic indication of Scrooge’s gradual change. The final spirit shows Scrooge’s change when “the hand appeared to shake” after his redeeming qualities were truly exhibited. Scrooge is not the only person who redeemed themselves as a result of fear. Warning Scrooge that he has “a change of escaping my fate” through fear could be suggested that Marley did this in order to redeem himself, even after death. ‘The Kite Runner’ similarly enforces fear upon those who seek redemption. Amir’s fear of disappointing Baba is what caused him to build up regret and guilt. Amir knows Baba’s standards, and after betraying Hassan numerous times he senses that he may never be able to redeem himself. In fear of disappointing Baba, Amir grows up and becomes a much more respectful and honest person. Soraya also redeems herself after fearing her father when she ran away. Her father “told him that he had two bullets in the chamber, one for him and one for himself if [she] didn't come home”. Out of fear, she returned home and managed to become much closer with her family. After redeeming herself, Soraya managed to contribute to Amir’s

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