Theme Of Identity In Frankenstein

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Qi QinYi, Jasmine
Mr. Nikolich
9 Jan 2018

Frankenstein: The Search for Identity
Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, is a pioneering science fiction work about the story of a young scientist Victor Frankenstein who created life out of dead matter. On the surface, Frankenstein seemed to be only a horror story about unorthodox scientific experiments and grotesque monsters. But by diving deeper into the novel, Shelley also addressed larger philosophical ideas. Throughout the story, Victor Frankenstein and his monster have both parallel and contrasting elements, and their search for identity is one of the most important ones. Identity is defined a “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual” (Merriam-Webster). Family roles, social status, physical appearance, personality, nationality are some of the major characteristics that define each individual’s identity. In Mary Shelly 's Frankenstein, she used the two characters, Victor and his creation, to explore the search for identity through family and social relationships and its devastating effects after failing to do so.
Obtaining identity is a long process. An individual is given an identity at birth, then his identity is sculpted over time through life experiences and social interactions. Victor Frankenstein’s monster, however, did not have such luxuries. As a creature with no ancestral heritage, he does not have a familial identity. He is no one’s son, daughter, brother, sister, or

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