Theme Of Jealousy In Othello

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Many of Shakespeare’s plays use the concept of jealousy, however few use it as centrally as Othello. One of the strongest examples of this is the character Iago. From the start of the play his actions are driven by jealousy and the perceived revenge he needs to get. He is jealous of Cassio for taking a promotion he saw as his. He is jealous at Othello because he suspects him of cuckolding him. In Othello, Shakespeare uses Iago’s character to warn against the sin of jealousy. He presents Iago as a man consumed by his jealousy both for Cassio and for Othello. Shakespeare’s concept of jealousy came from a variety of sources, one of the largest of which is the story of Adam and Eve. Jealousy is also the leading motivation in this story, beginning with Eve coveting the knowledge of good and evil, to be equal with God. (Dean, 2013) We see a lot of connections between this classic bible story and Othello. Both are driven by this concept of jealousy. Much like the serpent that tempts Eve, Iago is the sinister serpent planting foul ideas in people’s heads. Iago is also very similar to the serpent, both are driven by jealousy of what other have. The serpent being the fallen angel Lucifer who is envious of God. Much of this story is what shaped Shakespeare’s concept of jealousy. A concept that very much drives this play. This jealousy in Iago is what leads him to his hatred of Othello. Iago’s hatred for Othello is the best example of his jealousy. “Despise me / If I do not. (Hold
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