Theme Of Lamb To The Slaughter

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In “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl, the author illustrates the theme of don 't judge a books by its cover through his masterful use of plot, characterization, and irony. The theme of the story is don 't judge a books by its cover. Don 't judge anybody to quickly, bad things can come out of it. Like the story that we are talking about today. Don 't trust anybody, not even your closest be loved, like your wife. “Rooms was warm and clean, curtains down, two tables lamps lighters and the one by the empty chair opposite. ON the sideboard behind her, two tall glasses, soda waters, whisker… Mary maloney waiting for her husband to come home from work.” This shows that she is a caring, loving, wonderful wife who cares about her husband, or…show more content…
Mary maloney is a pregnant woman who is married to her beloved husband, Patrick. She gave him a home welcome kiss, noticing something wrong with him. He hang his coat as soon as he walked in the door with a smile on his face. This time, he did not seem happy at all, he did not take off his coat either. He grabbed a glass of whiskey straight away without any hesitation. She said, “Hullo darling”, he replied back with the same thing. She offered to make supper, he said no. She insisted that he had to eat supper, walking to the freezer, being stopped by something her husband along the lines, “I want a divorce, don 't worry, I got all the papers signed, I know it 's a bad time, with the baby, I will be giving you money, it won 't be a lot, but it will be enough”. She was devastated, but still insisted him to eat, she kept on walking with shock. She grabbed the lamb leg out the freezer, then started to walk towards her husband. She got really close, then swung the lamb leg up as high as she could, then bringing it down on his head as hard as she could. Mary Maloney has killed her husband. Once she realized what she has done, she went to the grocery shop, getting an ally bye. She came home like nothing ever happened. Setting up the house like her husband and someone else was fighting, who ended up killing him. She pretended to cry and called the cops. Before she went to the shop, she made sure to cook the lamb leg, getting rid of the evidence. The cops couldn 't figure out who had killed Mrs. Maloneys husband. They wouldn 't expect the sweet loving wife, Mrs.Maloney to do it. The cops and detectives were getting ready to leave, until they were stopped by Mrs.Maloney, offering them to eat the lamb leg, which they agreed on, completely getting rid of the
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