Theme Of Oppression In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Title Michel Foucault once said, “There are forms of oppression and domination which become invisible. . .” The government, in Ayn Rand’s Anthem, is long since corrupt and has perverted their original idea of equality. Even though true equality will never be, this government has completely taken over all aspects of their citizens’ lives and the people do not acknowledge anything wrong. Oppression has become the normal reality for the citizens crushing their spirit until someone started to break the mold. Equality 7-2521 slowly confronted the injustice in his pursuit for knowledge. In Ayn Rand 's Anthem, the government is controlling society which started out with good intentions of equality but slowly became controlling by the suppression of human spirit, and the future societies stemming for this one will allow freedoms that they were previously denied. The original government wanted to prevent the violence present in the Unmentionable Times, so they turned to equality but, really, that became oppression because the human spirit cannot be willingly subjugated. Human beings are naturally curious. They crave to understand things that are unknown to them. Equality is no different from others, and “[he has] heard the legends of the great fighting, in which many men fought on one side and a few on the other” (48) even though the government has tried to hide this information from their people. However, they have failed to silence natural, human curiosity. People will always try
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