Themes In Thoreau's Ecocriticism

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Thoreau’s Ecocriticism: An Improved Means to Unimproved Ends We live in a dynamic world, de facto, undergoing inevitable major changes (technical); fast moving materialistic life sparing no place for human values (social); global warming- an era of environmental obliteration (environmental), and literary studies still in an age of constant flux. Besides, the outright absence of human touch with the natural world and the self-centeredness approach potentially created a space and contributed to environmental catastrophe. Foresee the colossus threat to our lives, ethics, values, and nature; the immediate glimpse and a unique approach to lessen the aforesaid problems and global environmental crises, which struck in mind to contribute essentially is the concept of ecocriticism. The point of this paper is to foster an awareness of the varied uses to which scholars are putting the term in varied perspectives today. Besides, the paper will inspire ecocritics (and would-be) to create new discernments and new critical paths in the ecocritical realm and opens new avenues to introspect how their perception and knowledge on ecocriticism lead to future advances and developments in the realms of scholarship and pedagogy. The succeeding paragraphs will include literature review on the concept of ecocriticism, Thoreau’s stout philosophy of simple life in nature through his indisputable literary and monumental work ‘Walden’ preparing the concrete ground for ecocriticism with some
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