Thoreau's Dilemmas Of Civil Disobedience

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Civil Disobedience

I hereby say that student loans is something that should not be dragging educated people down. We cannot allow the for-profit colleges and the banks to follow behind students and collect their wealth. “Everyone deserves a quality education. We need to come up with a better way to provide it than debt and default”(Taylor). Education should not vanish. It’s something that young people want to pursue in. However, debts should be completely vanished. One idea to make this accomplished is by promoting public colleges or by regulating the private ones. In a piece of writing called A Strike Against Student Debt, it states,“We also need to bring back the option of a public, tuition-free college education once represented by institutions
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Individuals should not hide the luggages, in this case, student loans, that is holding them down; but rather, they should act upon the issue to settle it down. Just like Thoreau’s views on government, we should make the change that we want to see. “Why does it not encourage its citizens to be on the alert to point out its faults”(Saxby). In this quote, Thoreau believes that citizens should change government’s action if it is not right. This action should correspond to student loans where students should change the way that education is done if they believe that it is not…show more content…
As seen in this situation, the students that are suffering from student loans are clearly the minorities. “Men generally, under such a government as this, think that they ought to wait until they have persuaded the majority to alter them”(Saxby). Relatable to this situation, although the group that is protesting may be the minorities, they still have equal power to persuade the majority. Therefore, they should take advantage of the power to fight back and overcome the opposition. Fortunately, this action has been done by a group of students in England, speaking against student loans, which it later become known as Student Debt and National Day of Civil Disobedience. “Last Tuesday saw students vent their anger on the streets of Cambridge as part of the National Day of Civil Disobedience. Student organisation Cambridge Defend Education protested on King’s Parade against the proposed privatisation of student loans”(Sullivan). This kind of event should be appearing more often. To end, I hope that all people would hold on to this quote, “Whatever the solution, the goal is the same: Sending college graduates into the world without the burden of figuring out how to pay back their loans. College is meant to give young people an opportunity to pursue their dreams, not leave them contemplating whether they should stop paying their bills”(Game of Loans:
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