Theodore Roosevelt Monopolies Essay

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As a business owner in the year 1912 with elections coming up I proudly support Theodore Roosevelt. A man who wants his business to flourish I can see that Theodore Roosevelt is someone who supports the growth and expansion of this nation. Many of the policies the Mr. Roosevelt wants to put in to play are aimed at protecting our middle class and helping it grow. One of the things Mr. Roosevelt has already done for this country is setting up a department of commerce and labor in 1903. This helped the government enforce economic regulations against businesses and helped maintain control over them so that consumers where protected and everything was equal for all businesses. These new regulations helped stop monopolies which is bad for small business owners and mom and pop organizations. …show more content…

He has plans to expand education, regulate businesses, preserve rural areas and make them desirable to live in, conserve and preserve natural resources and most importantly he wants to take on issues involving the public’s health and welfare. In 1906 he passed The Pure Food and Drug Act and The Meat Inspection act. These two acts are made to help regulate the way food is stores and prepared to ensure that they are safe to eat and there is no risk of serious illness after consuming them. As a business owner in 1912 I feel that one of our main concerns is monopolies forming such as what’s happening with the railroads. Another concern I have as a business owner are unfair rules and regulations that restrict small business from succeeding and competing fairly against larger corporations. Lastly regulations that set limits on how businesses treat and handle their employees. If people agree to sell their labor then what are the set standards so that people aren’t taken advantage

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