Theodore Roosevelt: The Man Who Changed The United States

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Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 and grew up in New York City. He is the second of four children his father Theodore Sr. was a businessman and philanthropist while his mother Martha Roosevelt A.K.A “Mittie” was born and raised on a plantation in Georgia. Theodore Roosevelt grew up with both of his parents, also growing up he was a quite a sickly child with Asthma because of that he was home schooled and learn from his Auntie Annie. Theodore Roosevelt had to sleep slouching in bed or chair. His Dad encourage him to play sports and any outdoor activities to overcome his fears and weakness. During his college years in Harvard, Roosevelt met his first wife Alice Hathway Lee they got married in October 1880. After they got married Roosevelt enrolled in Columbia Law School, but after a year he dropped out to begin his career in public …show more content…

Based on my research online Roosevelt was the man who changed the United States for the better and was one of the best presidents to rule the office. He was mostly known for his progressive’s political. He also helped end cronyism. He also attacked railroad trusts, and ended up building up a strong navy. Roosevelt negotiated the end of the Russo-Japanese War. After that happened he later then got a Nobel Prize, sense he was the only president to ever accomplish that. Roosevelt also was able to have the Panama Canal Built. An additional thing Theodore Roosevelt had done while being President, that he was a idealistic conservationist that had set many things aside massive tracts of land, he used the land for conservation and had established the U.S Forest Service Via the American Antiquities in 1906 which he had allowed. I feel like the “American Giant” is suitable description for Theodore Roosevelt because he was the most biggest and important influential President of the United

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